Claudio Angeloni - International Business Manager.

Claudio Angeloni - COO


Direction of Operations in top market leading companies such as Swatch and Fossil.

Claudio Angeloni - IT Manager

IT Manager

Started my career and developed my competences with IT Direction under my responsibilities.

Claudio Angeloni - Logistic Manager

Logistic manager

Managed and driven Logistic area in international companies and developed integrated logistic systems.

Claudio Angeloni - Objectives


I use to set my activity on objectives. Analize company's strategies and goals and set mine on them.

Claudio Angeloni - Vision

International Sales

My wide expertise, honed in multinational contexts, allow me to have a global markets and produtcs vision.


Claudio Angeloni - Career

My professional career took me to develop a professional growing path that let me cover different roles and to consolidate a global professional vision.

Claudio Angeloni has held the positions of IT Manager, Logistic Manager, Director of Operations (COO) in multinational market leading companies.

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Main skills

Claudio Angeloni - Skills

IT, logistics and operations in general are among the bases of my professional expertise.

After consolidating the knowledge of IT and logistics management, I've honed skills on multiple areas management by covering the role of chief operating officer (COO). This position has given me the complete picture of company as a whole business entity and products.

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